Welcome to Ruling Links. If you are looking for best PBN Domains then you are right place.

Hi there? I am Parth the founder of RulingLinks. I am into digital marketing from last 8 years.

I have learned the art of finding gold-worth expired domains which can be used as private blog networks.

I have sold thousands of domains in past which helped my clients in ranking their sites at the top 5 spots of Google.

In beginning I used to sell domains on Source-wave (konker now) and fiverr.

Why I Started RulingLinks.Com?

As I am good in scraping and setting PBN domains I wanted to build a dedicated website for this purpose.

Before RulingLinks.Com I used to operate BuyPBN.Com, It was kind of a subscription based service where I used to update fresh list of pbn domains everyday for a weekly cost.

I have built a custom bot which helps me in finding solid PBN domains easily. Majority of my domains fall under these metrics;

  • TF  15-20+
  • CF 15-20+
  • RD 10-50+ 
  • DA 10-20+ 
  • PA 15-20+


You would get such domains at the cost of $20 to $30 but here at RulingLinks, you will get the same for just $6.

Why You Should Buy PBN Domains From RulingLinks.Com?

My PBN domains come with a 10-day money back guarantee.

You can buy the domain, set it up and in case you don’t like it, then just ask for a refund and you will get all your money back.

I am taking a risk by doing this.

I cannot make you to give the domain back.

I cannot get the domain back off from your registrar when you buy the domain, so you could just order the pbn domain and ask for a refund.

But I am 100% sure about my domains that you are not going to do that.

Clients Result with my PBN Domains

Client 1;

This client site was stuck at 60th position, she bought 5 PBN domains from me and after setting up all the pbns she started seeing incredible change in her rankings. Now she ranks at #3!

Client 2;

This client site was stuck at 108th position, he bought 10 pbn domains from me out of which 6 he set up. He observed an amazing hike in his rankings within a month. Now his site ranks at #1 position.

Client 3;

This client site was stuck at 120th position. He bought 3 pbn domains from me. After all the domains went live he was able to observe positive changes in his rankings. Now his site ranks at #4 position.

Client 4;

This client was trying to rank for a very competitive term. Her site was stuck at 111th position from very long. She bought 20 pbn domains from me and now her website keeps on dancing at #1 and #2 spots.

My recent PBN deliveries;

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